01 March 2015

March Goals

Looking back at my 1st quarter goals (for the 2015 FAL hosted by On the Windy Side) from this post, here is what I have left to finish by the end of this month. 

1) buttons on my shirt, pencil skirt for an ensemble.

2) Jo's apron and
2b) Jo's wallet.
These need to be done by the 14th, for her bday party of course.

3) monkeys. 
I have set the goal/average for 10/month. So far this year I haven't finished any: I still have 58 hookers and 1 (G's Spice World socks) that is in the assembly stage. So I better finish 30 this month to make my quarterly goal!

4) clean room. 
HA! Hahaha!
But hey, it is progress. 
I can finish it the end of the month, easy peasy!

Other things i have in progress: ... No, I'll not list them now. Maybe next month for the next quarter I will take stock. I have started a WIP shelf in my room and I am, believe it or not!, making progress on it.

Oh, and on another note:
This week's progress for HQM's Quilt along. Finished it the day she posted (thank you Minecraft in the basement) but again, wanted to make a multi-reason post. Awesome. It was easy.

So the goal this month for ALYoF? Let's call it #1. The monkeys I have to finish for the ALSA fundraiser, and Jo's stuff I have to finish for her b-day, so those both have REASONS to get done and WILL get done no matter what, but the ensemble is just a WIP that needs to be done for the sake of getting it out of my room. Let's make this month's goal a challenge, just for the sake of finishing WIPs, K? 

26 February 2015

So I guess I'm a quilter?

I was talking to my buddy Brent the other day and was inspired to see how many quilt tops I had. At that point I had 5 tops finished and 2 in the works. So I guess I'm a quilter, eh?

That was about when I started putting this quilt up on the frame, which is my goal for the month. I decided then that I wouldn't do any of the "quilting" (tying) but rather let the kids do it all. I helped a little of course, a little less as time went on, so this is the kids' quilt. They can do with it as they please. I want to encourage them to give to someone we know in need but I don't know who yet. I just finished the binding yesterday!

Russ did most of the tying.

I had to help Jo the most. 

So for the month of February: GOAL! I haven't started designing the monkeys yet so hopefully I can get the 30 done next month. Once I get going they go pretty fast. It's just the getting going part that sucks. 

Also, here is my current assignment for the QAL. I finished it the night it was posted but didn't want to do another post just for it. I think I missed the deadline for getting into the drawing for the week but meh, whatever. 

And just for the fun of it, I put another quilt on the frame. Want to get as many WIPs out of that room as I can, and I prefer them to be done when I do! 

There is very little prettier than a quilt stretched on the frame, even if it is surrounded by kids' toys and garbage.

So yeah, 3 quilts just in this one post. Quilter? I think it's official.

09 February 2015

HQ Melissa's Irish Chain QAL! Cutting.

All cut up, ready for the next installment.

06 February 2015

Feb Goal

Finishing this easy quilt will be really easy.

Also, my quarterly goal for the FAL was to get an average of 10 monkeys done a month. I didn't get any done in January so my goal for that for February is 20 monkeys. I want to send some to the Battle ALS with Flowers event in San Antonio. I counted my monkeys the other day, too, and I have exactly 60 that need finishing, including one for Mom and one for G so going for 10/month will be perfect to get them all done before Market starts this year. I'm not going to do the market every week this year but I am going to try to get out there a few Saturdays. I think it's a worthy goal.

31 January 2015

January Finish!

Finished Mom's Quilt today!

01 January 2015

2014 Wrap up, January goals

So to be entered into the year-end give away for A Lovely Year of Finishes I have to have completed at least 6 of my goals this year. Guess what, I DID IT! Check them out:

I don't know how to do a mosaic so I will just show you this again: 
Happy balloon, so  happy! 

2014 was a good year. Lots happened, but I still feel the same as I did a year ago. School drama, family drama, company drama, potty drama... All is well right now in the world.

2015 I'm not only joining up for ALYoF again, but I'm also joining up for a Quarterly Finish Along being hosted this year at On the Windy Side. I'm excited about this. Right now I am going to post my January goal for ALYoF and also tell you some other things I have on my plate for the next 3 months. 

January Goal: Finish mom's quilt, which uploaded sideways:
This is my current passion. Mom gave me a box a stuff that was her Grandmother's and in it were some iron on embroidery patterns that wouldn't iron on because they are like 80 years old. So I made a set of them into quilt blocks that match a 1/2 yard bundle I got from the Intrepid Thread and I designed my own quilt for them! There were only 7 patterns (one for each week day) and all I have left to do before I actually assemble the quilt is to make the 8th block (2 for each side) which will have something cheesy like "To Nana from us" on it. Still working on that. Gotta get it to her before her birthday, in 12 days! EEP! 

 Another thing I've been working on is a shirt made from that hideous fabric I was wanting to use in November. All I have left on it is the sleeves and the buttons.
 I also want to make a knee-length black pencil skirt to wear with it, and wear them both with my purple stockings and combat boots. I can totally rock this horrid thing. Just watch me.

And since I have so many hooker (faceless bodies) monkeys, I think I may try the farmer's market again this summer, but do it on a weekly basis and see how it goes. I'm pretty sure I have over 50 hookers in the basement, and if I go for 10/month that would set my goal for the first quarter of the year at 30 finished monkeys by the end of the March. Totally doable, just like your mom.

Some other things I need to get done:
For Jo's birthday in March I need to make her an apron (I made on for Russ for Christmas and Alice got one for her birthday back in October) and I also need to make her a wallet, since she is earning money for not peeing at night like her siblings are. 2 more goals!

And hell, I may as well make it a goal to clear up some of my craft room. Every time I go down there with the kids I make negative progress. And since I always have my kids,well, you know...
Let's try to have it so we can at least walk in there, eh? Not just around piles but actually walk all the way in a beeline from the door to the closet. I don't think it will be too hard. We can do this.