01 April 2014

Cutting it Close: HQMelisssa's QAL finished!

It's tempting to go ahead and link this into each of the week's  but since I'm not posting each step as I finish I'll just link the last one. Here it is! I'm done with it! Now on to the other 4 goals of the month, and possibly a road trip and a new house mate. Wooo!

27 March 2014

ALYoF: March complete! April goals.

So I finished my quilt for the ALSA Battle with Flowers Fiesta Event but not in time for this year. But they have the event every year so I will still be sending it in to them. I don't even get to go this year so it's just as well, right? It's always more satisfying to send stuff in when you get to go and see it up for auction and keep obsessively checking to see how much it is going for, right?

I'm not perfectly happy with the results of this quilt, but I did learn a lot. Every time I see it, though, all I see are my mistakes. *sigh*

It's all hand quilted, mostly by myself. I tell ya, at one point I just stopped mid-stitch and lay down in the sunshine on the floor with the dog. It sucked doing this all by myself with a deadline! I had a couple people come help but not enough, I say! 

So there is my Lovely Finish for the Month of March. Now I will tell you my goals for April! I have lots of them! Lots of motivation to get them done, too. Here's the list:

Picnic quilt top: By Wednesday, Apr 2 I have to have this done in time to get entered into the drawing for the 4 $75 gift certificates. YES PLEASE! Thank you HQMelissa! I'm over a month behind, ugh. I can do it! Kids, leave me the hell alone until Wednesday, right?

Hoop: I am currently in a hoop swap and have to have this hoop done by April 14th. Have plans. We'll see how they pan out. 

Temple Dresses for the girls: We were planning to get sealed next weekend in the San Antonio temple but plans have changed. Now we're shooting for the end of May, near our original wedding date. Yay! I still need to alter my wedding dress for it but more than that I want to make dresses for the girls, maybe a suit for the boy, but the dresses I want to have done by the end of April.

Pillows: To send with the quilt above to the auction next year I have 2 single blocks made that I am going to quilt and make into pillows! I'm not looking forward to it but my goal is to get them done by the end of April too. That's my official goal. I have the other 2 goals that have date but this one is officially my April ALYoF goal. Woo! Look, here's a picture of the blocks:

Monkeys: I sell sock monkeys at the farmer's market in the summer. I have well over 100 monkeys in different stages all around my house. Seriously, I was trying to keep them contained in the craft room but not only did we have to move lots of shtuff out of there because of upstairs plumbing issues, but there are so many monkeys I can't keep them all in there! Some are in the living room, some are in the "common area" outside the craft room, some are even in the ballroom stairwell! They are all in all stages from cut socks to finished monkeys, though I'll be honest: not very many are completely finished. My last goal for the month of April is to get them all at least to the Hooker stage, which is what I call them when they just need faces. Faceless bodies = hookers. So I have some to sew, some to stuff, and a bunch to assemble, my least favorite step. I want to start designing faces May 1st. That's the plan. I'm excited. 

And those are my goals! I'm not allowed to start cleaning up my craft space, or the space outside of it, or the office, or work on anything else until those things are done. Let's hope I don't burn out first. ;)

04 March 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - February Goal

Remember this quilt from last summer? I'm getting it quilted! I hope to have it done by the 14th so I can send it off to be a part of the ALSA Fiesta Fund raiser auction in April. We got it started on Saturday. I don't know if I will make it by my deadline, but it will definitely be by before the end of the month. I also want to make some 24" matching pillows to send with it but we will see how that goes. So much going on this month!

I also have a rainbow party to throw for my Jo. Eep! It's so close!

I also need to get some dresses made for my girlies so we can go to the temple! I'M GETTING MARRIED! For real this time, y'all. Woo hoo! 

17 February 2014

Star Light Star Bright - HSTs

So following along with Melissa still.

I have about 2 more hours of trimming these babies, at about 20 minutes/star, but I may be done tonight. That really depends on how well the kids go down. 

Still no camera battery charger, but hopefully the new one I ordered will be in in time for next week's assignment to be "turned in!" 

11 February 2014

Star Light Star Bright flying geese!

I'm doing another Quilt Along with Happy Quilting Melissa! It is now the end of the 3rd week, 3rd assignment is due, and this is my first post about it. Sad face. But I have been following along fromt he beginning! My camera's battery charger has gone missing and no matter how much I search and search and search for it, and pray and pray and pray about it, I can't find it. But I had a thought tonight: I have a scanner on my computer. So while I can't scan in all of my fabrics and all of my flying geese, I can at least show you some of them, right?

Here you can see the 3 colors I'm using, blue orange and grey, and the 3 patterns I'm using as well. I got a 1/2 yard bundle from the Intrepid Thread of 6 cuts from a line called "Hipster" that included the top 2 prints in the O&B&G colors so to finish off the set I went and got 3 solids to match. The background fabric is more of a cream color I think but it came out pretty white in the scan. 

Yay! I am now on track. Now if I just just the charger before the assignments get too big...

26 January 2014

ALYoF January Finish!

I spun silk! I did it, I'm awesome. I met my goal. I have over 300 yards here.

It is so thin. I think I want to use some for embroidery, that's how thin it is, even 2 ply.

I met my goal for the month so even if I don't win from ALYoF, I still win, right?
Oh, that other goal I had... 


It's still in progress. I did buy shelves, though! And my fiber is pretty much organized! And I can walk around in there so that's good, right? I knew it wouldn't be done done this month but I did work towards it. Progress! 

02 January 2014

January Goal

A Lovely Year of Finishes = Monthly Goal Making

My January Goals:
Smaller goal: I finally want to spin some silk! I need to get something on this bobbin soon, and I really want it to be silk, these hankies to be exact. Although I did jsut get some angora bunny and kid mohair in the mail the other day... Maybe I'll card those after I spin this silk. Probably won't get to spin them before February, though. And that month is going to have all different goals!

Larger goal: get some order to this room so I can actually do something in there! I managed to get it so I could actually walk around in there on Monday night, but there is so much more I want to do in there, like sew! And use my carder! And all kinds of crazy crafty stuff! We'll see how far I get on this in January.

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