05 July 2015

3rd Quarter Goals 2015

1: {JULY GOAL} Make a quilt top out of these shirts
using this tutorial to donate to this charity. 
To be eligible for the FAL I have to have it all done and quilted, but my goal for July is just to get the top made. 

2: Irish Chain Quilt, quilt it.

3: Make yarn from these alpaca batts.

4: Prove that I have what it takes to be a part of the SMS Online Sewing Match.
I didn't prove it before this round but maybe in a couple years when they have another round, I can be ready.

5: Unicorn Sh*t yarn. Card these and spin them.

6: Hoop!

7: Hoop! 

Unofficial: MENDING PILE! It's bigger than this now. So is that kitten in the doorway.

Linking up!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

04 July 2015

Pillow Case Finish! Quarter Wrap Up.

My original goal post for the 2nd quarter had 7 official goals on it and 2 unofficial. Here is the last of what I have completed, and some of what I haven't completed and why.

#1: Irish Chain Quilt: No progress.

#3: Pillowcase: Completed!

I'm working on my photography skills. *shrug*

#6: Sock Monkeys: Made really good progress but no such luck getting all 60 finished. But I had good reason! I was having the kids help design the last 25 or so and then I found JO'S HAIR. That's right: someone had cut Jo's Hair with the scissors we were using for the monkey designing. Nobody owned up to it. I still have no clue who it was. They don't get to use scissors anymore. I'm still set on them helping me design so in the mean time, until they can be trusted with scissors again, I've been making dinosaur/dragon tails to sell at market. Children's strap-ons. *snigger* Aren't they cute? 

 And for my unofficial goals:
Mending pile, not much progress. I did a couple things but I don't think they outweighed what I added to it in that time frame. 

Unicorn Sh*t Alpaca batts: I finished cleaning the fiber for them but I didn't card them yet BUT I HAVE GOOD REASON HERE TOO! I was de-hairing this brown alpaca and carding it before I finished cleaning the white for the unicorn. I HAD to finish before I started carding the white so I could clean it between. I'm excited. I want to spin this brown stuff. So I really just replaced one goal with something else. I am still cool with this. 

Accomplished? I feel it. And that's what counts, right?

29 June 2015

Say YES! to June goals!

I finished my Snapdragons! See goals Quarterly FAL here and Month ALYoF here. I took a picture of each color along the way (except one, I think it was the first) and really wanted to make a .gif of them all together but in trying to do so I, um, kinda broke the internet. So we get what we get! EDIT: Linking up at a stitchery linky too.

Other goals are coming along, but some have changed. The link up for them starts tomorrow and runs for a week so I still have time to make a little progress. 

Something that wasn't on my goal list, though, but I am still going to post for the link up, is the finished top for the Quilt Fabrication QAL. I made the double size and I have no idea what I am going to do with it after it is quilted. Such it is.

03 June 2015

June Goals

So of my original 9 goals for the quarter I have only completed 3 so far. I'm not too worried. 

The monkeys are coming along fine. I've finished more than 30 in May and have the rest of 60 to go. Most of them the kids will be designing, and earning a buck for every one that sells to boot!

These monkeys are a sampling of the kids' skills. Mad skills. 

The mending pile got a couple out of it recently. That shouldn't be too hard to finish either. It's just getting it started that's the hard part.

I have enough alpaca cleaned so I can start carding my Unicorn Sh*t batts. Just gotta let the last 2 bags dry. I have started carding some other random brown alpaca that I "inherited" that was already cleaned, and we will just have to wait and see if I clean the drums before I'm done with it or if I will finish the bag and then start the Unicorn. Time will tell.

That leaves the 3 real projects left:

The stencil pillowcase shouldn't be too hard. Maybe I will just put it in one of my giant hoops and do it that way. Again, we will see.

The Snap Dragon X-stitch hasn't been touched, though I did bring it up to the the living room with the intent of working on it. I was also planning on working on it during our day trip to Ruidoso but that didn't happen this weekend.

And the Irish Chain quilt, well, I don't think it will be getting quilted this month. I don't even know if I have batting that will fit it! But [again!] we will see. There are 4 weeks left of this month in which anything may happen.

So the goal of the month: MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.... this is hard this round! Let's say the X-stitch. Just for the hell of it. We rescheduled the Ruidoso trip to June 13th so I will have some hours with no other handwork going on. Yay! I have a goal! 

AND: I've still been working on the Quilt Fabrication QAL. Here is this week's assignment. I ran out of the mottled grey and apparently so did Blobby Blobby (!) so I just got some grey broadcloth. I think it will work just fine!

And the Bar Block I missed a couple weeks ago. All caught up! Just in time!

27 May 2015

Spidey Finish + Stripes and Cross Blocks

#2 from my goals list for the On the Windy Side FAL

And my week 3 block for the Quilt Fabrication QAL. Not done with the week 2 block yet but meh, it's in progress. Ran out of fabric when cutting for those so I'm glad I did these first! Block one can be found here

25 May 2015

Wonky Finish!

So much I could, and maybe should, say but I don't feel like it right now. Look, pics of a finished quilt!

 This is actually through the back. I love how it's like a stained glass window through that super soft pink backing.

 I started another quilt along hosted by Quilt Fabrication. Now it's on week three but this is week one's assignment.

Monkey progress! I've made 21 so far and i think I'm going to start having the kids help design them because Alice did one for a a friend's birthday and it was so well received. I'll take real pics when I get my 30 for the month done.

28 April 2015

May goals

Uhm, I didn't finish either of my goals for April. The Quilt top decided to get more complicated and demanded I use leaves inside of the design I already had laid out so that more than doubles my work. 

 And my monkeys, well, they are monkeys. They aren't going anywhere.

I did finish goal #3 from my quarterly list, though. SEE?

And I finished the top for Alice's Spiderman quilt. I just need to tie it. I have to wait for the that, though, until I get this other quilt off the frame, naturally!

So May's goals will be the same as April's goals I guess. Finish that quilt top and put faces on 30 monkeys. Think I can do it?

02 April 2015

HQM QAL Top Finish! + Next quarter goals

First up, I finished the quilt top for The Quilt Along hosted by Happy Quilting Melissa. If you haven't "met" Melissa yet, shame on you! She is lovely. She even goes to each and every link up to her QAL and leaves lovely comments. Very nice lady. She started me on the quilting journey and I've loved every minute of it so far. 
It won't be finished in time for the Parade celebrating the release of her new book but quilting it and binding it is one of my goals for the new quarter.

So with that little segue lets continue with my goals!
1) Quilt Irish Chain

2) Alice's Spiderman quilt. FINISHED Post 27 May 2015

3) Quilt/create a pillow case from this antique-stencil-gone-embroidery. FINISHED Post 4 July 2015

4) Finish Russ' Scripture case. FINISHED! Post 28 April, 2015

5) Snap Dragon X-Stitch. I want this done by my b-day and hey, guess when that is. That's right, the second to last day of this quarter. It's going to be sweet! FINISHED! Posted 29 June, 2015

6) Monkeys. Really this time! I have 60 hookers left and I want them done before the beginning of the Farmer's Market season, which happens to be the first weekend of July so if I do it by the end of this quarter I'm set, right? 20/month? Easy, as long as I get the inertia for it.

Unofficial Goal: finish cleaning 4 more bags of white alpaca to card up with these and some sparkle and get my Unicorn Sh*t batts made! I will be spinning them at the market. Not a full finish but still a goal I have before the end of June.

Another unofficial goal: Kill the mending pile. It has grown since this pic (see it on the sewing machine?) and now it resides on an extra chair to the side.

And finally, my last Official goal for the quarter and my April Goal:
7) Quilt my Wonky Stars top from my first QAL with HQM! It is already in progress and I've finally given in to the rocking stitch. I'm loving it so far. It is going to be more than I originally planned but it will be worth it.
SubGoal for the month of April: 20 Monkeys. I can do it! 

So of course I have other projects I'm working on, like some hoops and some Craftster Swap items, but they are not really big enough for me to consider for these goals lists. These are the big things I'm working on. And I'm loving having these lovely blogs to link up to that help me keep myself accountable for WIPs.

A lovely Year of finished for the monthly:

And On the Windy Side for the Quarterly

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

30 March 2015


And her wallet! Figured out my snap thing for this one. So much fun!
Goal posted here.


Another of the other goals I had for the quarter that I got finished in time for Jo's b-day party:
 Hello Kitty Apron

24 March 2015

March goal met! HQ- QAL update.

My official March goal was to finish the horrendous shirt I was working on and complete a skirt to go with it. Well, I'm done!
I was terrified to do buttons and then I bought the wrong color green to go with it to boot so since I had just learned to use the snap thing for Jo's wallet (see below!) I figured what the hell! I have lots of snaps. I used them. They came out... meh. But they still came out!

 The skirt, however came out amazing! It is made with Flannel and oh, it is so comfy! There was a slit in it that I didn't want to get rid of because of movement but I couldn't really keep because it would show my religion so I compromised and tossed in some purple and lace. Love it!

I still haven't started on the monkeys. I wanted to have 30 of them done but March 31st but I haven't started designing any of them! Yikes! We will see what the next week holds for me. I never know when motivation will strike and then I won't be able to stop!

These goals were all posted here. 

And last but not least my assignment for the Quilt Along! I didn't even have the spray starch for last week's assignment until Thursday when this week's assignment was announced, but I still got it done. Not great, but it is my first time with applique on a quilt so You will have to excuse it.