13 December 2012

Brownies, Noodle Ring, Ice Cream!

The best holidays all together! Saturday was Brownie Day, which we celebrated Sunday night with the Evil Microwave Brownie in a Cup.

Then it was NOODLE RING DAY! I love noodle rings! Thank you Odd Holidays for introducing me to the Noodle Ring! We did it a day late, but it was just as good. Mmmmm... Noodle ring.... Creamed chicken...

And then today was Ice Cream Day so we celebrated with more Evil Microwave Brownie in a Cup sundaes. The kids even got ice cream after dinner, aren't I nice?

07 December 2012

Letter Writing Day

Today was Letter Writing Day so guess what? I actually wrote a letter to my penpal! The last letter I got was  I think 2 months ago? I'm horrible. We've been writing for I think... 5 years? I don't know. We met on Post Secret and I love her.I was also going to have the kids celebrate by "writing letters" to their grandmas or by working on some alphabet letter writing but alas, we made more ninjas instead.

Tomorrow is Brownie Day, Take It in the Ear Day, and Day of the Horse. I don't know what we'll be celebrating or how yet.

06 December 2012

Odd Holidays - Cookie Day and Ninja Day!

Yesterday was Ninja Day and the day before was Cookie Day. We combine the 2 and made Ninja Bread Cookies! The first batch burnt so we tried it again with the other half of the dough and Yay! Ninjas!

02 May 2012

March and April "Accomplishments"

What did we do the last 2 months?
Well, first and foremost we finished this little package:
And when I say little, I mean MONSTER. This bundle of joy was born on March 16th at 9lbs, 2oz.
And she is totally awesome. 
And next to that, nothing else I've done is worth mentioning, but I will anyway:

J+J tree hoop
Peacock feather hoop
Deconstruct sweater ~980 yards yarn
3-ply deconstructed yarn, ~375 yards total
Etch candle holders
Felt rock x 10
Mocking jay hoop
Pillow form
Embroider felted stone x 6
Large fabric coil bowl
Don’t forget to play hoop
Vegetarian hoop
Spin/ply ~320 yards Ladybug yarn
Crochet pink socks
Coiled fabric bowl x 5
Tea wallet
Sock cat
Crochet crown
Quilted crown x 4
Button bobby pin x 12
Combine/enlarge receiving blankets x 2
Dodecahedron with 12 origami stars

Books Read
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Speaker for the Dead by O.S.C.
Xenocide by O.S.C.
Children of the Mind by O.S.C.
Ender’s Shadow and
Shadow of the Hegemon by O.S.C.
Shadow Puppets by O.S.C.
Shadow of the Giant by O.S.C.

And this is the best way I have of quantifying my life.

06 March 2012

January/February "Accomplishments"

So here's what's gone down as if February 29th this year in the House of Hansen:

Wet-felted bar of soap
Wet felted “vessel” with needle felted embellishments x 2
Lots of coloring pages = color therapy
Pick/scour/comb lots of wool x LOTS
Spin/ply 4 oz angora/alpaca blend
Crochet pair of socks
Mend Caterpillar puzzle
Alice summer dress x 4
Weaving workshop
Ladybug pillow
Pillow to hoop
Bleach letter shirt for Alice – FAIL
Etched mirror – mermaid
Needle-felt “Bubbles” hoopla
Pile o’ mending
Dryer balls
Rainbow heart garland x 4
Crochet socks
Tree hoop
Spin ~3oz plied with thread
Spin/3 ply/felt waste yarn x 2 jumbo bobbins full
Fabric bowl x 4
Spin, N-ply 4 oz bamboo/merino blend
Monster x 8
Silverware drawer organizer
Animal tracks stamp set of 13
Line G’s dice bag
9 x 12 Crayon art x 2
8 x 10 Crayon art
Ladybug hoop
“Be Strong” tree hoop
Spin 4oz Merino/ Angelina plied with thread
Small coil bowls, set of 3

Books Read
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John, 3 John, Jude
THE FREAKIN’ BIBLE! We finished the bible!
1 Nephi
2 Nephi
Hunger games and
Catching Fire and
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Home Improvements
Line bottom of fence

Not too exciting, but it's an update, eh?

01 January 2012

Everyone else is doing it...

Remember when I would post each month what I accomplished? Yeah, that didn't last long. Stupid blogger not accepting Word formatting! But now I see a "Remove Formatting" button so yay! Here's what I did in 2011:

Spun yarn: lots and lots and lots of yarn!   
Scarflette x 2  
Luscious Mary Janes  
Cthulhu mask  
More yarn (4oz koi)  
Cupcake purse  
Ninja Turtle meets Hellraiser hoopla  
Cthulhu ami  
Wrist warmers  
Core-spun yarn, first attempt, 35yards  
More yarn (4oz Anthro 205)  
USPS hoopla  
Baby cocoon and hat set  
Fabric/board box for Russ room x 10  
More yarn  
Ply yarn  
Comb Wool, lots!  
Spin combed wool  
Ladybug baby cocoon/hat set  
Cupcake purse  
Paper beads  
Frog and butterfly card  
Cat swirly hoop  
Paper beads  
Comb wool x 100+  
Swirly jar  
Swirly stamp x 2  
Bookmark x 3  
Shark Triptych in hoops, “Come on in the water”  
Spin 4 oz February’s Diamond Club  
Spin more yarn, and then some, and then some more  
Granny Squares x 6  
Granny square x24  
Mend: horse, shirt x 2  
Skeleton amigurumi x 2  
Dye, spin, Navajo ply ?oz  
Dye, card, spin, ply with Easter colors  
Storage Hammock x 2  
Start Mom’s quilt at her house  
Floral wreath  
Stamps: ladybug x 2, pig, Koi, frog, paintbrush, floral  
Poncho for Alice with Easter colored carded wool  
4oz Cashmere/Merino blend, Navajo plied  
Corner storage hammock  
Spin, Navajo ply blue and white Sheep Shed  
Spin 5.5oz Cashmere/Merino batt  
130 yards of White wool with Pink cocoons  
Spin bobbin of Black, ply with Feb. diamond batt  
Mend skirt  
Card, spin, ply Citrus  
Spin, ply 4oz Polwarth with 4 oz BFL/Silk  
Tree hoop  
Kitchen curtains  
Ninni x3  
3-Ply 300 yards wool  
Ninni hoop x2
2-ply wool, ~210 yards red/blue carded  4oz Merino, Navajo plied  
5 bobbins worth of raw wool, felted in washer  
Mend: pants x 2, dress  
Tree hoop  
Sheep to Sweater  
Spin ~200 yards Lux. Batt  
Spin more fleece  
American flag x 2  
American flag x 3  
Woven crochet pot holder  
Ladybug hoop x 4  
Dragonfly stamp x 4  
Spin 8 oz BLF/silk blend, ply with 1oz wool, together  
Recover dining chair x 6  
Spin 4oz bamboo/merino blend/ Navajo plied  
Sheep to Shawl: crocheted and woven  
Spin, 2 ply, 4oz brown BFL  
Spin 4oz batt, ply with #10 cotton  
Granny square x 6  
Family Stamp  
Spin more, ply it all  
Marble maze  
Monster x 3  
Cover journal  
Spin green, ply with old spun batt  
Spin 4oz blue/brown batt, ply with thread  
Crocheted stone necklace x 2  
Boxy cosmetics bag  
Cape x 4  
Hungry monster pillow x 2  
Teesha Moore inspired e-reader cover  
Wonky star quilt block x 20  
Kerchief x 2  
Edge baby quilt  
Ugly quilted potholder  
Hungry monster hoop  
Paper-pieced ice cream post card  
Wonky star block x 10  
Spin 111 – yards 2-ply Sari strips  
Spin – 95 yards Merino/Tencel N-ply  
Neck warmer lined with fleece x 2  
Felt fairytale finger puppet set of 4  
Wiggly pot holder x 2  
Crocheted leaf dishcloth  
Tie/bind lap quilt  
Dish scrubby x 2  
Paper-pieced post card x 3  
Quilted potholder x 2  
Mug rug  
Assemble/sash wonky quilt top  
Roaring ‘20’s lady monkey  
Earth stamp  
Tree of life stamp  
Spin 80 yards rainbow local wool  
Clean some wool  
Roaring ‘20’s man monkey complete with fedora  
Alice’s birthday cake  
Unspin/respin/ply b & w wool x 2 bobbins  
Card/spin b & w & brown wool x 2 bobbins  
Carve heart stamp  
Quilted heart postcard  
Yoda robe  
Shirt and pants  
Crocheted bookmark x 3  
Crocheted Jellyfish x 2  
Test tube stamp  
Beaker stamp  
Poorly etched mirror  
Luke Skywalker shirt  
Tie bookmark  
Black heart painting  
Han Solo shirt  
Leia wig  
Boot Toppers  
R2D2 candy bucket  
Tutu x 2  
Sock monkey  
Crochet scarf  
Stitch marker x 8  
Crochet pair of socks  
Stamp x 3 – Ohm, skelly cameo, lightning  
“A” Hoop  
Wrap yarn ball  
Tea wallet x 2  
Fabric covered Styrofoam ball x 5  
Tangram-esque squares (set of 42) with matching bag x 2  
Broomstick lace scarf  
Crochet hat  
Spin ~350 yards 2-ply sock weight yarn  
Stamp x 4 –envelope guy, flower, leaf, speech bubble  
Beanbag x 15  
Bullfinch x 6  
Dodecahedron spiked ball  
Cat toy fish x 6  
Artist’s suitcase x 2  
Mug-rug x 2  
Assassin’s Creed French knot hoopla  
1” Apple cinnamon ornaments  
Fabric gift pouch x 10  
Small French-knotted “TV” hoop  
Winter Ninni  
Bullfinch x 2  
Stuffed felt ornament x 3  
Apple-cinnamon ornaments + paint (4 batches)  
Maternity dress  
Happy cloud stamp set of 4  
Elements stamp set of 4  
Penis chap-stick cozy  
Pinecone fabric ball x 2  
Mug Rug x 2  
Mend: Alice’s new jacket (all functional buttons and then some)  
Pillow x 2  
17” x 21” Pegasus  
Spin 8oz Merino/Angelina/Silk  
Denice blanket  
Dye, unspin, spin, N-ply ~173 yards [wool?]  
Dye, unspin, spin, N-ply ~112 yards [wool?]  
Fingerless mitts  
Coil-spin ~40 yards  
Core-spin ~105 yards  
Oversized snowflake doily with bulky yarn  
Small needle-felted ball x 4

Books Finished  
The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff  
Deuteronomy (Doooo… The Right Thing?)  
1 Samuel  
March ? ^ or V?  
2 Samuel  
1 Kings  
2 Kings  
1 Chronicles  
2 Chronicles  
Fablehaven Book 3: Grip of the Shadow Plague by Brandon Mull  
Fablehaven Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary by Brandon Mull  
Fablehaven Book 5: Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull  
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and  
The Winter Queen by Boris Akukin  
Song of Solomon  
Girls by Frederick Busch  
The Quiet Game by Greg Iles  
Norwood by Charles Portis  
Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys  
The rest of the Prophets in the Old Testament  
The Old Testament!  
1 Corinthians   
2 Corinthians  
1 Thessalonians  
2 Thessalonians  
1 Timothy  
2 Timothy  

Home Improvements  
Paint front room  
Paint Russ shelves, prep for install  
Rearrange Russ room/install shelves and boxes  
Clock puzzle – finish – Hang  
90%+ sprinkler system 
Blow in insulation (hired) 

Not really all that exciting, eh? But hey, it is literally the story of my life for the past year, vaguely. Raising the kids and getting pregnant might be part of that story, too, but would those go under Crafts or Home Improvements? i just don't know!