30 March 2015


And her wallet! Figured out my snap thing for this one. So much fun!
Goal posted here.


Another of the other goals I had for the quarter that I got finished in time for Jo's b-day party:
 Hello Kitty Apron

24 March 2015

March goal met! HQ- QAL update.

My official March goal was to finish the horrendous shirt I was working on and complete a skirt to go with it. Well, I'm done!
I was terrified to do buttons and then I bought the wrong color green to go with it to boot so since I had just learned to use the snap thing for Jo's wallet (see below!) I figured what the hell! I have lots of snaps. I used them. They came out... meh. But they still came out!

 The skirt, however came out amazing! It is made with Flannel and oh, it is so comfy! There was a slit in it that I didn't want to get rid of because of movement but I couldn't really keep because it would show my religion so I compromised and tossed in some purple and lace. Love it!

I still haven't started on the monkeys. I wanted to have 30 of them done but March 31st but I haven't started designing any of them! Yikes! We will see what the next week holds for me. I never know when motivation will strike and then I won't be able to stop!

These goals were all posted here. 

And last but not least my assignment for the Quilt Along! I didn't even have the spray starch for last week's assignment until Thursday when this week's assignment was announced, but I still got it done. Not great, but it is my first time with applique on a quilt so You will have to excuse it.

07 March 2015

QAL/Clean room!

First up, finished these yesterday. They are so not perfect, but they are done.

And my goal of a clean craft room has been met!

And for evidence that I didn't just throw everything on the other side of the room, here it is. my WIP shelf is along the top of that desk. And my sewing machine is covered in a pile of mending I need to do so yes it is organized. The insides of that cabinet and drawer things aren't organized but those are messes for another day.

01 March 2015

March Goals

Looking back at my 1st quarter goals (for the 2015 FAL hosted by On the Windy Side) from this post, here is what I have left to finish by the end of this month. 

1) buttons on my shirt, pencil skirt for an ensemble.

2) Jo's apron and
2b) Jo's wallet.
These need to be done by the 14th, for her bday party of course.

3) monkeys. 
I have set the goal/average for 10/month. So far this year I haven't finished any: I still have 58 hookers and 1 (G's Spice World socks) that is in the assembly stage. So I better finish 30 this month to make my quarterly goal!

4) clean room. 
HA! Hahaha!
But hey, it is progress. 
I can finish it the end of the month, easy peasy!

Other things i have in progress: ... No, I'll not list them now. Maybe next month for the next quarter I will take stock. I have started a WIP shelf in my room and I am, believe it or not!, making progress on it.

Oh, and on another note:
This week's progress for HQM's Quilt along. Finished it the day she posted (thank you Minecraft in the basement) but again, wanted to make a multi-reason post. Awesome. It was easy.

So the goal this month for ALYoF? Let's call it #1. The monkeys I have to finish for the ALSA fundraiser, and Jo's stuff I have to finish for her b-day, so those both have REASONS to get done and WILL get done no matter what, but the ensemble is just a WIP that needs to be done for the sake of getting it out of my room. Let's make this month's goal a challenge, just for the sake of finishing WIPs, K?