29 June 2015

Say YES! to June goals!

I finished my Snapdragons! See goals Quarterly FAL here and Month ALYoF here. I took a picture of each color along the way (except one, I think it was the first) and really wanted to make a .gif of them all together but in trying to do so I, um, kinda broke the internet. So we get what we get! EDIT: Linking up at a stitchery linky too.

Other goals are coming along, but some have changed. The link up for them starts tomorrow and runs for a week so I still have time to make a little progress. 

Something that wasn't on my goal list, though, but I am still going to post for the link up, is the finished top for the Quilt Fabrication QAL. I made the double size and I have no idea what I am going to do with it after it is quilted. Such it is.

03 June 2015

June Goals

So of my original 9 goals for the quarter I have only completed 3 so far. I'm not too worried. 

The monkeys are coming along fine. I've finished more than 30 in May and have the rest of 60 to go. Most of them the kids will be designing, and earning a buck for every one that sells to boot!

These monkeys are a sampling of the kids' skills. Mad skills. 

The mending pile got a couple out of it recently. That shouldn't be too hard to finish either. It's just getting it started that's the hard part.

I have enough alpaca cleaned so I can start carding my Unicorn Sh*t batts. Just gotta let the last 2 bags dry. I have started carding some other random brown alpaca that I "inherited" that was already cleaned, and we will just have to wait and see if I clean the drums before I'm done with it or if I will finish the bag and then start the Unicorn. Time will tell.

That leaves the 3 real projects left:

The stencil pillowcase shouldn't be too hard. Maybe I will just put it in one of my giant hoops and do it that way. Again, we will see.

The Snap Dragon X-stitch hasn't been touched, though I did bring it up to the the living room with the intent of working on it. I was also planning on working on it during our day trip to Ruidoso but that didn't happen this weekend.

And the Irish Chain quilt, well, I don't think it will be getting quilted this month. I don't even know if I have batting that will fit it! But [again!] we will see. There are 4 weeks left of this month in which anything may happen.

So the goal of the month: MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.... this is hard this round! Let's say the X-stitch. Just for the hell of it. We rescheduled the Ruidoso trip to June 13th so I will have some hours with no other handwork going on. Yay! I have a goal! 

AND: I've still been working on the Quilt Fabrication QAL. Here is this week's assignment. I ran out of the mottled grey and apparently so did Blobby Blobby (!) so I just got some grey broadcloth. I think it will work just fine!

And the Bar Block I missed a couple weeks ago. All caught up! Just in time!