13 December 2012

Brownies, Noodle Ring, Ice Cream!

The best holidays all together! Saturday was Brownie Day, which we celebrated Sunday night with the Evil Microwave Brownie in a Cup.

Then it was NOODLE RING DAY! I love noodle rings! Thank you Odd Holidays for introducing me to the Noodle Ring! We did it a day late, but it was just as good. Mmmmm... Noodle ring.... Creamed chicken...

And then today was Ice Cream Day so we celebrated with more Evil Microwave Brownie in a Cup sundaes. The kids even got ice cream after dinner, aren't I nice?

07 December 2012

Letter Writing Day

Today was Letter Writing Day so guess what? I actually wrote a letter to my penpal! The last letter I got was  I think 2 months ago? I'm horrible. We've been writing for I think... 5 years? I don't know. We met on Post Secret and I love her.I was also going to have the kids celebrate by "writing letters" to their grandmas or by working on some alphabet letter writing but alas, we made more ninjas instead.

Tomorrow is Brownie Day, Take It in the Ear Day, and Day of the Horse. I don't know what we'll be celebrating or how yet.

06 December 2012

Odd Holidays - Cookie Day and Ninja Day!

Yesterday was Ninja Day and the day before was Cookie Day. We combine the 2 and made Ninja Bread Cookies! The first batch burnt so we tried it again with the other half of the dough and Yay! Ninjas!