18 February 2010

What I want...

I have a list of "Wants" on my computer. I think when I started it it was supposed to be between me and G but now it is all what I want. I have lists of "Music," "Books," "DVDs/Blurays," and "Other" on there. I don't want to feel ungrateful, I have a lot, but I am going to share some of what I want with you, and maybe I will do the links right...

 Let's start with books, shall we?

Non Fiction
-The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole at An Artful Life because why not? I'm might already be an artistic mother, but I can always learn more. I love learning more. 
-Home, Paper, Scissors by Patricia Zapata at A Little Hut OK, so I am getting this one FREE because I won a give away on her site, but I don't have it yet and I have been so excited about it since before it even came out. I don't even remember how I found her site, but I love it and I always have!
-Geometrics Crochet Math + crochet? How could life get any better?
-Bend the Rules with Fabric by Amy Karol because, again, I try what I might but I can always learn more.
-Drip. Dot. Swirl and Crumble. Crackle. Swirl Von Glitschka
Life is a Verb by Patti Digh

-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Adding zombies to anything will make it worth my while. Maybe this way I can read some of the "classics" and see what they are all about, eh?
-Overqualified by Joey Comeau, author of the comic A Softer World.
-I have yet to read any Anne Rice novels. I think I would like to.

Some other things I want:
-Green Star Juicer because I need a juicer and if I'm gonna get one, why not the best one?
-A spinning wheel. I want to learn to spin yarn so bad, you have no idea! I think it may be my most anticipated new craft to date! But where would I keep it? That is the big issue...
-If I can't have a spinning wheel because of space issues, I would at least like a drop spindle from Zebisis Designs. SO PRETTY!
-A food dehydrator so I can make stuff like jerky and fruit snacks and have that much less I'm spending at the grocery store. Sure, I will have to buy meat and fruit, but 1 lb of beef is much cheaper than 1 lb of jerky. AND I could make my own flavors, maybe use some Wildtree products on it, ooOOooh!!! Healthy stuff for my family, heck yeah!

So what do you guys think, am I too needy? I'm not saying I'm going to be unhappy if I don't get any or all of these things, I just thought I would share what's on my mind.

In other news, Alice got her first tooth today! Maybe early by some standards but she's already 2 months behind her brother!

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  1. thank you Jessica Jo for this shout out!