06 May 2010

March/April Accomplishments

Looks like I forgot to do this last month, hm...

Denim strip rug
Bat bag
Spider pillow
Caterpillar tote x 2
Butterfly ATC
Fabric/cardboard postcard x lots
Silverware drawer organizer
NM quilt square
Book cover
Sock Monkey
Rice/lavender heating pad
Flour glove stress ball x 2
Crocheted jar x 4
Alter Leah’s dress straps
Cupcake purse
Crocheted Easter basket for Alice
Crocheted washcloth x2
Yarn of BFL! ~¾ oz
Rug with G’s old shirts
Spin yarn: cannot quantify
Thought bubbles
Ribbons for Kimmie’s memorial (~200)
Thought vase
More yarn
Etched jars (wildflowers) x3
Windmill pillow
Daisy pens x3
Bluebonnet photos in glass x2 (mother’s day gifts)
Crocheted frog
More yarn
Curtains for Alice’s room, Russell’s room, Mommy/Daddy room
Crocheted jars x ?
Mend – G’s PJs
Mend Judy’s skirt
Ply Yarn

Home Improvements

Patch wall
Backdoor bar
Valve for waterline in front yard!
New couch
Clear out shed
Demolish shed

Books Read
Cup of Clay by Carole Nelson Douglas
The Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Congo by Michael Crichton
Bio of an Ogre by Piers Anthony
A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony
Taking Flight by Lawrence Watt-Evans

In other (read: real) news, Alice is now crawling on all fours, sitting up by herself, clapping, and even pulling up on things. What a big girl she is getting to be!

Also, I think I want to participate in Sew, Mama, Sew!s May Giveaway Day. Not because I want to draw any attention to my "blog" but rather because I like to make things and I have so many things my husband would love for me to just get rid of, what better way than a giveaway? What will I give? An Apron? A small ball of yarn? Ooh, I may just have to surprise you (1 dear reader that I have). I may just have to surprise myself.

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