18 October 2011

Step 1: Pregnancy Step 2: ? Step 3: Fundraiser

Dear everyone I know,

We're pregnant! Did you know that? Did you know we get our sonogram on Friday? We will be 20 weeks (4 1/2 months, 1/2 way there!) on Saturday. Did you also know that we are trying to raise money for the ALSA? You should have known that part. And the Walk for the end of said fundraiser is on Saturday? Do you see where I am going with this?!

We're taking "bets!"

Here's how it will work: You make a donation to the ALSA via Kimmy's ladybugs (web.alsa.org/goto/kfmladybugs) and then send me an email (messy_mcspud@hotmail.com) with your donation amount and your prediction for what is growing in my womb. Winners: Whoever bets right I will match all of their donations in one of my own for the final donation for our walk team. Example: if 3 people each bet $25 that there is a girl in there and the "sonogram specialist" at Rio Pecos agrees with them, I will donate $75 on Friday evening. Now, someone I ran this idea by told me that's not a great prize so, in addition to the aforementioned "prize," if you "win" I will also make you cookies (or other baked good of your choice), if that is in my capacity to do. If you want me to.

Rules: Sorry, we have to have them.
1) Donation has to be at least $5. Only $5 works, but let's say at least that amount.
2) You must donate at the team website. web.alsa.org/goto/kfmladybugs You can sign up and donate under your own name or donate under another team member, whatever, but checks and cash are not accepted at this time for the betting process. If you want to make a cash or check donation, that's cool, but it will not count towards the betting.
3) "Bets" accepted from now until I get home from the doctor's office Friday afternoon. Our appointment is at 3:30 MST so we'll say I have to have the email by 5pm my time Friday for the bet to count. If you have already donated this year, it doesn't count towards your "bet."
4) Email must include:
    -donation amount that matches amount donated on website.
        -if you donate under someone else, including yourself, note that as well.
    - your prediction! 4 choices:
        -undetermined, meaning the sonogram lady tells me she is <85% certain of the gender
5) We will only match donations up to $400 total. So feel free to "bet" $400, but we can't go any higher than that on our matching.
6) As always, recipes for donations! If you donate $25, you get Kimmy's Cookies Recipe and for $50 you get Cookies recipe and Kimmy's 3 favorite recipes of Mom's, which are all totally worth it. Also, if you have already donated a little this year and you make a bet that raises your total donated for the year to one of those levels, it counts and you get the recipes! (Example: If you donated $15 a month ago and donate another $10, you get Kimmy's cookies etc. Also, you already rock for donating.)

Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know! I'm here. Email, phone, and house calls are always cool by me!
-Jessie Hansen

*Subject line courtesy of my dear husband G.

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