06 March 2012

January/February "Accomplishments"

So here's what's gone down as if February 29th this year in the House of Hansen:

Wet-felted bar of soap
Wet felted “vessel” with needle felted embellishments x 2
Lots of coloring pages = color therapy
Pick/scour/comb lots of wool x LOTS
Spin/ply 4 oz angora/alpaca blend
Crochet pair of socks
Mend Caterpillar puzzle
Alice summer dress x 4
Weaving workshop
Ladybug pillow
Pillow to hoop
Bleach letter shirt for Alice – FAIL
Etched mirror – mermaid
Needle-felt “Bubbles” hoopla
Pile o’ mending
Dryer balls
Rainbow heart garland x 4
Crochet socks
Tree hoop
Spin ~3oz plied with thread
Spin/3 ply/felt waste yarn x 2 jumbo bobbins full
Fabric bowl x 4
Spin, N-ply 4 oz bamboo/merino blend
Monster x 8
Silverware drawer organizer
Animal tracks stamp set of 13
Line G’s dice bag
9 x 12 Crayon art x 2
8 x 10 Crayon art
Ladybug hoop
“Be Strong” tree hoop
Spin 4oz Merino/ Angelina plied with thread
Small coil bowls, set of 3

Books Read
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John, 3 John, Jude
THE FREAKIN’ BIBLE! We finished the bible!
1 Nephi
2 Nephi
Hunger games and
Catching Fire and
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Home Improvements
Line bottom of fence

Not too exciting, but it's an update, eh?

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