14 March 2013


Sunday was the 2013 Day of Awesomeness and we tried a few things and it turned out to be a pretty awesome day.

First up: Quaker oatmeal. Ok, Ok, I know you're thinking "Oatmeal, YUCK! What the hell, Jessie?" But no! Oatmeal is really awesome. When we make it for the whole family G uses the Old Fashioned oats and Damn, Mary, they are tasty. We dump in some real maple syrup and then either some cinnamon or brown sugar and Mm, mm, mmmmmmm.... We also enjoy the instant oatmeal which they have started making not only in the individual packets but in a larger bag where you can get whatever size serving (including 1/2 servings) you need. But I digress! G made us Oatmeal to start our Day of Awesomeness and it was pretty great.

Then we went to church because Jesus is pretty awesome, right? (OK, obligatory, but whatever). Church snacks, you guessed it, Quaker Chewy granola bars. They've also introduced quite a few variations on the Chewy bar lately. They have Yogurt Dipped bars, and Chocolate or Peanut Butter "Dipps" bars, and now they are even making the regular Chewy bars in a BIG size that's 60% bigger than the original ones! Yes, I am a Quaker Oats fan, and not only because I'm involved in the BzzAgent campaign for them right now, though that might be why I keep talking about how awesome they were on the Day of Awesomeness.

OK, on with the Day of Awesome... We went to my in-laws which was pretty not awesome but the kids wanted to so we did. We watched a Scooby Doo movie which was so horrendous it was awesome, which is how good ole SD always is, right?

And then we came home and hung out for a while which I always enjoy because my kids are AWESOME. After just being together G decided we needed to celebrate the day with a movie. He suggested Star Wars but no, that might have ruined the greatness of the day for me so we watched Marvel's Avengers instead. Yay! Avengers! AND while we were watching it we ate chips and queso. No the healthiest dinner but healthy is so very rarely awesome I figured we could just forego that for the day. And you know what I thought was awesome? My 3 year old asking for "chips and queso?" in her perfect little tiny voice that doesn't mess anything up. Ooh, she's so great.

So there you have it, an awesome day.

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