01 September 2013

September [A Lovely Year of Finishes]

So there's this blog that's like Hey, post a WIP at the beginning of the month and then post it finished at the end of the month and enter for a prize! You know me, I love the idea of getting prizes. And this chance encourages me to have goals, too. Yay goals. I'm joining this month. Look at my goals:

I almost have all of the fabric cut for this new quilt I'm wanting to finish the top for this month. And then I'll put in in my growing pile of quilt tops that I need to quilt. HA!

And I can only enter once/month but this is another goal I have this month. Some lady that comes to the farmer's market each week wants me to recreate that Pocahontas doll for her mother using some special fabric and stuff. At first I was a little intimidated but now I'm just getting really excited. I hope I do it justice! 

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