02 January 2014

January Goal

A Lovely Year of Finishes = Monthly Goal Making

My January Goals:
Smaller goal: I finally want to spin some silk! I need to get something on this bobbin soon, and I really want it to be silk, these hankies to be exact. Although I did jsut get some angora bunny and kid mohair in the mail the other day... Maybe I'll card those after I spin this silk. Probably won't get to spin them before February, though. And that month is going to have all different goals!

Larger goal: get some order to this room so I can actually do something in there! I managed to get it so I could actually walk around in there on Monday night, but there is so much more I want to do in there, like sew! And use my carder! And all kinds of crazy crafty stuff! We'll see how far I get on this in January.

I never can get the button to work right so here is just a link to where I'm linking up for this.

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  1. spinning wow, what a great challenge