21 July 2009

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Yesterday was good. I spent most of the afternoon with a friend of mine and discovered some interesting things, and Russ spent time with her son discovering new things. (No discoveries were "in that way," I might feel the need to add.)
As for Russell's discoveries, he and Porter dressed up as cowboys and were going to explore a haunted house. Oh, dear! All with the creative influence of porter's 10 year old sister, I
might add. They were so cute! Do you see? Russ was being the lookout!
As for my discoveries, we will start with the fact that the kick off for the ALSA walk was last Friday, which also happens to have been Kim's birthday (she even got a special birthday wish from the local news team!). So while I was with Em, we were talking some about WildTree and some about ALS and she not only decided to host a tasting, but she wants to have it part tasting/part ALSA fundraiser. As in we would be selling "Kimbo's cookies recipes" along with the WildTree stuffs. Which is great because that is what I was planning on doing at my next WT party! Woah! Come to find out, she decided a few months ago that she needed to start praying for service opportunities. Odd, I decided that a few months ago as well. Woah! Granted, Ihaven't been as diligent about it (been forgetting to pray, EEK!), but still...

So, not only do I have a WT party set up for Saturday, I also have a sort of ALSA fundraiser set up. I am excited. Like I said, yesterday was a good day.

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