31 July 2009

Paper Embroidery

So while I had my niece Amber here, she was supposed to go tot he library for the "Tweens" activity and learn Paper Embroidery but she ended up leaving that day instead of Sunday and was really disappointed that she was going to miss it. So I decided (since I'm such a great aunt and all) to research it online and teach her myself! Not only did I come across as super cool (which I can fake sometimes) but I also learned a new skill! Wee! Happy! I meant to post about this before but I didn't because I thought I would have already told my family about this blog, oops, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise since I sent my creation to Kim for her b-day two weeks late. What do you think? Wanna do it yourself? stitchingcards.com has few free patterns. Yeah, they want you to try it and then buy some of their other patterns but the prices are all in Euros so I don't think I'm making said purchases, though they do have some really cool ones. I used their free designs for Kim's card. The butterfly with the beads was even not that bad, though I think I let Amber down by not helping her finish hers.

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And in other crafting news: I am using my first sock yarns, purchased from knit.etsy.com, where they dye yarns and rovings and I'm pretty sure they hand spin some yarn, though I don't think the two I bought are handspun. I am attempting to crochet my first pair of socks. So far I have made the leg of one sock and I realized it will be too small for me. I have never had reason to check my gauge before but I guess if I want to start making wearable garments then I should, eh? It is a new experience, and I am so down for it. Something else I want to learn to do is spin yarn, and I will someday. I hope I can get some the roving from Knit It Up. SO pretty!

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