17 September 2009

News and fun things

Russ has been saying some awefully funny things here lately...
-He refers to himself as "Shull," as in he's speaking in the 3rd person. While this would bother me with anyone else, this is my kid and he's not even 3 yet so...
-One thing he does say that bother the heck out of me: He calls me Jessie now, or "Sheshie" in his terms. AH! I almost want to scream at him, almost. He gets corrected every time he does it, though sometimes I make the mistake of answering to it before I correct him. 
-He has added the word "so" to his vocabulary as "So tired, mama" or "So sorry Daddy! So sorry!" 
-Last night while we were playing Rock Band (for the first time in months) he took the mic from me and shoved in the cats face and said "Sing, Eddie! Sing!" She was unamused, but I had to laugh. 
Oh, and he already holds his pens/pencils like his dad does.  

     As far as the pregnancy goes, I saw my midwife yesterday and she said this little girl is going to be probably 1 to 1 1/2 pounds lighter than Russ. Everyone has been telling me how little my tummy is and it's really bugging me. I hate it when everyone repeats the same thing. I am not too little! Bugger off, people. (Hee hee, I recently found out what the term "bugger" really means.. hee hee!)
Also, my friend Leah and her sister came over the other day and dolled me up and we took prenatal pictures, similar to the ones I did when I was large with Russ, but with a short black wig and pink fake eyelashes. Sweet! Preview for you, but that's all you get unless you are a sister of mine:

 Doesn't really look like me but whatever. 
Leah is also helping with my baby shower and we were making jokes about having some of these photos up at the little shin-dig! HA! I can just see her mom's face. Hell, Sariah's face would be enough for me.

     On the crafty front, I finished G's rug. Did I mention that before? He got new shirts for work relatively recently and while I was planning on ripping the old ones up for rags, I decided to rip them into strips and crochet a rug instead. Oh yeah, I think was complaining about the hooks breaking. Well, I went and bough some large metal hooks and this one turned out MUCH better than the one I have in "Alice's" room. Very uniform, very comfy. Eleven shirts made a rug about 30" x 42". I am please with myself. My right hand was swolen Monday because of it, but it was totally worth it.
     Also, I am signed up for my first swap on Craftster.com. Already got my partner! AH! I am so nervous! I made sure to sign up for one that the birth of my child will not interrupt my participation in too much: the send out date isn't until November 20th so whenever this kid comes I should still have time to work on my goodies for her. It is a Christmas stocking swap, and I was thinking of doing one of my "burlesque" stockings but her favotire colors are orange and lime-green so we'll see what I come up with. Ah! So intimidated!

     And G is going to have to go back to working every other Saturday which means the work we do around the house will be almost coming to a halt again. *sigh* Two weeks until that starts again, but each of these weekends there is an aution in the AM so we probably won't get much done. Poop and stuff!

     And I have a house I have been putting off cleaning so that's all I've to say for now.

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