04 September 2009

No More Plastic!

Crochet hooks, that is. But they don't make metal hooks in the larger sizes! AHH! G got new shirts for work, but since they all have the company logo on them Unifirst won't take back the old ones. So we get them. I was thinking of just cutting them up and using them for rags, and then I decided it would be a better idea to cut them into strips and make a rug for the garage out of them for when G gets the work bench in there. And I have started it and it is looking fabulous but... I have broken 2 hooks on it so far. The first one wasn't that far into it, so I just started again with a bigger hook, but a shirt and half later SNAP! No good. Superglue and duct tape didn't work to fix it, so I've been using just a half sized hook for now... Which will not work for long because it is hard and hurts my hands more and takes longer. *sigh*

But we've moved most of the stuff out of the spare room and we are going to paint it this weekend. *SQUEE!* (that was a happy noise). We got the border Tuesday and went for the paint that night. I am so excited! Sure, the pink/blue cow exploded on the walls was interesting but now I have a purpose for painting the room and it's going to be so happy! We've decided to convert Russell's toddler bed back into the crib and give him the twin sized bed from the other room. HE loves it so much! Tuesday night we still had his "new" bed (which he happened to have been made on, a little TMI for you) in the spare room and I lay down on it and he brought me a blanket and thought we were going to sleep on it that night, so the next night when we moved it into his room he was so excited! Now he spends have the day sitting on his bed "reading" books! I still need to move some things around in there, but we are going to get all of his toys and books moved in there with some shelves etc and then I doubt if he will want to come out of there ever for at least a couple days. I think if we moved a TV in there with his DVDs that might solidify his dependence in there, but we won't do that. One movie a day still...

I just got the first shower I have had since... Saturday? Sunday maybe? I feel clean. I can comb my fingers through my hair again...

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  1. Sounds like you've been real busy! I can't wait to see how the nursery turns out. BTW I have decided to take up knitting or crocheting. I'm undecided.