31 May 2014

May Complete!

May Goals: 
1: Dresses Complete! 

2: 20 Monkeys Complete! I could have done more, but I had to work on those dresses.

3: Yarn complete! No photo of it, but he library does have the "Fizz! Boom! READ!" yarn for the year. 

June Goals?
Well, I have a couple 1 inch stitcheries to make that aren't really on my goals list any more than feeding the kids but I'm going to stitch them!
And I need to get at least 30 monkeys done this month.
And I'm going to dive into the new bag of alpaca soon. That's going to be an adventure! 
But I don't know what my real "goal" will be for the month, ALYoF wise. Hmm, We will see what happens.

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