31 October 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Hand Quilted Flowers

Last minute entry, as is my forte. HQMelissa just posted yesterday to let me know what I was missing out on. Apparently there is an online quilt show, the Blogger's Quilt Festival, going on right now. How exciting! This is my first ever finished quilt I am entering into the Hand Stitched category.

I made this quilt following along on Happy Quilting Melissa's Star Surround QAL last year. I love QALs! It's the only way I manage to finish a top. I didn't get the quilting done until this year, and I didn't manage to finish in in the time frame I had wanted to. My intention was to get to the ALSA of South Texas before April so it could be in their Fiesta Flowers event. It didn't happen, but because it didn't happen I got to deliver it in person when I visited San Antonio in person and that was exciting.

Each block is 32" wide. I decided to make it more a flower instead of a star because of it's intended destination. I think if I had used a color other than the green it would have been better, but picking colors with 3 children hanging on you is hell. I think the green still works. I tried to have a quilting party to get it done but only 4 people came to help. This is a queen size! I did most of the stitching myself. Let me tell you, I had to take a break and lay on the dog in the sunny window at one point because it was just so... Maybe if I hadn't had to get it out of the ballroom for a birthday party I could have let it linger and enjoyed the stitching more.

I also made this 24" pillow cases to go with it. 

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