07 November 2014

ALYoF - November Goal

So I have been given a lot of fabric, even more since I moved into this giant house. The last fabric, copious amounts of it I might add, came from an old lady from church who had moved to a nursing home. In it was some horribly ugly fabric, lots of it. I don't even know why I kept it. I've been going through my fabric recently, trying to get it in totes so I can stack it easier and the cat can't pee on it all, and I found this horrible stuff, red and purple and green and just all around ugly. Then I was going though my large suitcase of hand-me-down sewing patterns and found a dress pattern that I desperately wanted to make. It was knee length, v-neck, long bell sleeves with slits up to the elbows... amazing! And suddenly I wanted to use that super ugly fabric to make this dress. They just wanted to be together! So much for hating it, right? I kept telling myself if I made it through all of my Halloween sewing (we went with a Despicable Me 2 theme this year) then I could make my dress. Great. November first I was so excited. I pulled out my pattern, opened all the papers and SH*T. Whoever had the pattern before me (my guess is Sharon Welz, I got a lot of patterns from her) altered it in a manner that I could not salvage. And there was no instruction sheet, which yeah I could wing it but I had a fire going so in the pattern went! I was sad. I went through all my other patterns looking for one that would satisfy my desire for a new dress but alas, none was to be found. So I decided to organize my patterns and in the process found some I had forgotten about in a different part of the HELL that my craft room is and found a pattern that will be sufficient. Not perfect by any means, but I have some kind of feeling toward it at least. 

My goal this month is to get this dress done. I want to wear it with my purple nylons and combat boots. Yes, please!

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