01 March 2015

March Goals

Looking back at my 1st quarter goals (for the 2015 FAL hosted by On the Windy Side) from this post, here is what I have left to finish by the end of this month. 

1) buttons on my shirt, pencil skirt for an ensemble.

2) Jo's apron and
2b) Jo's wallet.
These need to be done by the 14th, for her bday party of course.

3) monkeys. 
I have set the goal/average for 10/month. So far this year I haven't finished any: I still have 58 hookers and 1 (G's Spice World socks) that is in the assembly stage. So I better finish 30 this month to make my quarterly goal!

4) clean room. 
HA! Hahaha!
But hey, it is progress. 
I can finish it the end of the month, easy peasy!

Other things i have in progress: ... No, I'll not list them now. Maybe next month for the next quarter I will take stock. I have started a WIP shelf in my room and I am, believe it or not!, making progress on it.

Oh, and on another note:
This week's progress for HQM's Quilt along. Finished it the day she posted (thank you Minecraft in the basement) but again, wanted to make a multi-reason post. Awesome. It was easy.

So the goal this month for ALYoF? Let's call it #1. The monkeys I have to finish for the ALSA fundraiser, and Jo's stuff I have to finish for her b-day, so those both have REASONS to get done and WILL get done no matter what, but the ensemble is just a WIP that needs to be done for the sake of getting it out of my room. Let's make this month's goal a challenge, just for the sake of finishing WIPs, K? 

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  1. Great job!!! This week was a fast one for sure ;) Glad you liked it ;)