24 March 2015

March goal met! HQ- QAL update.

My official March goal was to finish the horrendous shirt I was working on and complete a skirt to go with it. Well, I'm done!
I was terrified to do buttons and then I bought the wrong color green to go with it to boot so since I had just learned to use the snap thing for Jo's wallet (see below!) I figured what the hell! I have lots of snaps. I used them. They came out... meh. But they still came out!

 The skirt, however came out amazing! It is made with Flannel and oh, it is so comfy! There was a slit in it that I didn't want to get rid of because of movement but I couldn't really keep because it would show my religion so I compromised and tossed in some purple and lace. Love it!

I still haven't started on the monkeys. I wanted to have 30 of them done but March 31st but I haven't started designing any of them! Yikes! We will see what the next week holds for me. I never know when motivation will strike and then I won't be able to stop!

These goals were all posted here. 

And last but not least my assignment for the Quilt Along! I didn't even have the spray starch for last week's assignment until Thursday when this week's assignment was announced, but I still got it done. Not great, but it is my first time with applique on a quilt so You will have to excuse it.


  1. They look fantastic!! You did a great job!! And you got them done super quick!!