04 July 2015

Pillow Case Finish! Quarter Wrap Up.

My original goal post for the 2nd quarter had 7 official goals on it and 2 unofficial. Here is the last of what I have completed, and some of what I haven't completed and why.

#1: Irish Chain Quilt: No progress.

#3: Pillowcase: Completed!

I'm working on my photography skills. *shrug*

#6: Sock Monkeys: Made really good progress but no such luck getting all 60 finished. But I had good reason! I was having the kids help design the last 25 or so and then I found JO'S HAIR. That's right: someone had cut Jo's Hair with the scissors we were using for the monkey designing. Nobody owned up to it. I still have no clue who it was. They don't get to use scissors anymore. I'm still set on them helping me design so in the mean time, until they can be trusted with scissors again, I've been making dinosaur/dragon tails to sell at market. Children's strap-ons. *snigger* Aren't they cute? 

 And for my unofficial goals:
Mending pile, not much progress. I did a couple things but I don't think they outweighed what I added to it in that time frame. 

Unicorn Sh*t Alpaca batts: I finished cleaning the fiber for them but I didn't card them yet BUT I HAVE GOOD REASON HERE TOO! I was de-hairing this brown alpaca and carding it before I finished cleaning the white for the unicorn. I HAD to finish before I started carding the white so I could clean it between. I'm excited. I want to spin this brown stuff. So I really just replaced one goal with something else. I am still cool with this. 

Accomplished? I feel it. And that's what counts, right?


  1. I like your cushion, looks great on the chair. I have just seen an interesting programme on alpacas. They had black and white 'wool' (I am not sure what the term is) they were going to spin from their breeding farm. Coincidence that I find it is your interest too!! Interested to see what you do with it.